The Ethics of Human Development Training Program: A Complete Guide

326 pgs; 8½” by 11”; text & pictures

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The Ethics of Human Development Training Program is detailed in The Complete Guide.

Its purpose is to serve individuals, teachers, trainers and human resource personnel interested in providing ethics of human development training in their organizations and classrooms.

What are the ethics of human development? They are the rules that guide us as we attempt to promote personal growth while also serving the organizations and communities of which we are a part.

The Complete Guide provides the tools (role-playing scripts, workbook exercises, etc.) useful in making an understanding of the ethics accessible to others.

“For even higher than the life of art is the art of life. And ethics is the lore of the art of life.” (Will Durant) The ethics of human development are a part of that lore, fundamental to it, I believe. My hope is that The Complete Guide and the training program it describes can benefit in significant ways individuals in a wide range of settings.

David Thomas, PhD