Two collages: Both 4½ feet in height by 8½ feet in width… Consisting of computer-generated type (letters, quotes, images) mounted on 1/8” foam core. Each piece then mounted varying distances (¼ inch to 2 inches) from the 4½ by 8½ half-inch foam core base. (See closeup photos below.)

Collage One – The Game of Life (see The Five Levels)

Collage Two: Working in America

Modify all job descriptions to conclude with the following:

And lastly, the individual holding this position should re-create it, he/she should make it new. The new version should include all that the organization found useful in the previous version while adding that which for the first time now is possible given the unique talents of the new job holder.

The process of re-creating this position should be done so carefully that the workplace never (or only very briefly) experiences the slightest decrement in overall performance.

Then, in footnote form:

The re-creation of this position should be done for the sake of one’s own job satisfaction. In so doing, it is believed, the mission of the workplace will be furthered and the organization as a whole will profit.

I would like for these collages to find a home… a gallery or institution where they can be protected and available for viewing by interested individuals.

David Thomas, PhD